Friday, September 19, 2008

Cute new pics from Uncle B

You talkin' to me?
Now that's what I call a swaddle.
Great Grandma McCleeary is precious.
Uncle B, Grandma Barb and Great Grands McCleeary came to see me on day 2!
You know what that means! DADDY... gonna need some help here!!
Aunt Pat gave me a smile : )
Grandma Sue took super care of me ;)
Aunt Pat and Grandma Sue got me all packed up and ready for Texas!
There's my mommy!
This one drives the ladies crazy. If you don't like it...
Deep thoughts...
"I don't have an off button"
That's what daddy drove back to Texas. My stuff was in the "Pod".
Aunt Pat drove daddy's car, and the other car was Grandma Sue's rental.
I practice this a lot...
Here's our last picture together in Arizona!
Daddy's friends Morgan and Lauren, and my first baby friends Henry and Milan!
They call me Ollie, Tractor, and 3-Ball (cuz of the red hair!)

Oh, that's a good cuddle. Gonna miss you buddy.
Mommy and Danielle were doin' my nails!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oliver's Arrival

Mommy went to her dr on 8/28/2008. They said I was healthy but mommy's blood pressure was very high so we went straight to hospital and I was delivered that night at 8pm. Here are a few of my first photos.