Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ollie's Shower

Thank you auntie Sarah, auntie Sara, Grandma Wilson and aunt Pat for planning this very special shower for me! It was so wonderful, way more than we ever expected. Thank you sooooo much for showering me and mommy with so much love!mmmm... cookie cake
candy bars

auntie sarah and sara planned this shower for me, thank you!!!
auntie sara
grandma wilson
thank you grandma wilson and aunt pat for helping plan my shower!! i loved all of the antique baby stuff at your house!
kae & aly. soooo cute!!
daddy's "monk monk" monkey from when he was a baby. thank you grandma wilson for saving him for me.
grandpa wilson picked out this UT onsie

everyone wrote inspirational messages on my diapers for when mommy and daddy have to get up at 2am to change me.


  1. I am sorry I didn't get to make it to the shower. :( I'm glad someone got pictures though!

  2. I sure am jealous I wasn't there!

  3. Jennifer, you look so cute, won't be long now! Your shower looked like it was fun. Love from your aunt Cyndee