Saturday, August 29, 2009

My 1st Birthday!

This is how my day started. I was sound asleep but mommy had to wake me so we could go get my pictures taken!

Mommy helped me open my presents and cards before we left for the photo shoot...

After my pictures mommy took me to MiMi's for breakfast. We shared some hot cocoa with whipped cream!

And for lunch she took me to Red Lobster so I could have some cheese biscuits! yum yum!!

Then it was off to the dr for my 1yr checkup. Mommy felt really bad making me go to the dr on my birthday but she isn't sure what is going on with my health insurance so she had to move my appt that was scheduled in September up to August. Kind of put a damper on my birthday! :(
I have only gained one pound since my 9month checkup, ugh! The dr did say this is common because around 9mos babies get a lot more active and are burning more calories crawling all around so they don't gain as much. But she does want me to eat more good fats like yogurt, avocado and she gave me some pedia-sure to try!

Momma said she's not sure if she's ever going to be able to get me off of my baba! But I am getting whole milk mixed in with my formula and soon should be off formula altogether.

As usual, having a blast at the dr office...
I might be a plumber like my uncle Danny, I am quite fascinated with plumbing fixtures.

Playing with the dr... I had to see a different dr today since mommy moved my appt up to August I couldn't get in with Dr. Little. But this dr was really nice too! She didn't let me play with her stethoscope though.

This was my worst trip to the dr yet! Mommy and another nurse had to hold me down while a second nurse stuck a needle in my arm to draw some blood. Then, I had to get 3 pokeys in my legs. Ouch!!
At least they gave me a cute band aid for my arm...

I'm ONE!!!

munching on some cheetos...

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