Sunday, October 9, 2011

Customer Appreciation Photos

^This little cutie is named Jonah and his mommy recently purchased this vintage shirt (previously worn by Oliver) from me for Jonah's portraits and birthday party!  Jonah, you are very lucky to have a mommy who buys you vintage clothes!  You look awesome!

^This little cutie is Cohen and his mommy is a fellow VKC team member whom I did a trade with.  Remember the vintage cash register Oliver got for his birthday?  Well, Cohen got this adorable nautical shirt and the cutest overalls I've ever come across.  Oliver wore them several times but they were too short on him so it was time to pass them along to another cool kiddo who adores vintage (or should I say his mommy adores vintage?).  Cohen's mommy also sells cool vintage kids items at:

^And, this little beauty is named Avery.  Her mommy was the lucky winner of the giveaway I had last month!  She chose this kitty smock and bloomers and what can I say...  this outfit was made just for her!  It is PERFECT and I'm so glad that she was the winner!

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  1. Aww!! Thank you so much Jen! You sure do find the coolest stuff! The overalls will go down in history as one of my favorite vintage kids items EVER!

  2. Oooohhhh, I love that smock/bloomer outfit!

    And I saw cohen's green overalls and i just love them :)