Saturday, May 5, 2012

the listing that never was...

I came across these brown corduroy overalls recently and they are way too small for Oliver so I had every intention on listing them in the shop.  I took photos, uploaded to Etsy and even wrote out the description but I could not bring myself to hit that little button to actually list them.  These are so precious that I just can't part with them!  Hopefully someday when I have an office of my own I can display them.  This snoopy applique kills me!

This little cutie along with the wooden puzzle will be coming to OliversForest soon!  I also went thrifting while in San Antonio for a dental convention this weekend so I will have some new clothes to add soon too!

And, this sweet little butterfly was made by my precious Oliver.  It is my favorite art project he's brought home from school so far!  Apparently it is quite fitting... Oliver is turning into a butterfly, a social butterfly that is.  He received his first time out since stating preschool for talking and not staying in line.  Silly goose!
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  1. OH, I love little preschool projects! I have two whole boxes for of my Julien's artwork from that time. Preschool is the best :) Sounds like he is doing great (a little socializing never hurt anyone!) ... and I love that Strawberry Shortcake doll. Which one was she? I seem to have forgotten ...

  2. You are silly! Grandma D.

  3. kristina, she is a strawberry shortcake knockoff. her name is lucy lemon.