Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back To My Birthplace

Me and mommy had so much fun on our vacation...

Uncle B had lots of things for me to get into at his house...

playing with Tio Be'

I really enjoyed spending the night with auntie Lex. Her doggy Hana just loved me!

I fell asleep but still got some great photos with my aunties.

Love you so much auntie Danielle!!

After breakfast with Danielle we had to get on the road to El Paso to see Grandpa and Grandma D. Grandma was going to meet us in phx but Grandpa got sick so we went there instead.

Sure had fun with Grandma and Grandpa but time to get back to phx... I took a snooze while Tio did the driving.

We stopped at an antique mall in tucson and got this vintage duck named plakie (mom got a kick out of that!).

We went to Sedona for moms birthday!

We had lunch with auntie Liz before heading to the airport.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful trip!!! It really was fun!

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