Friday, June 19, 2009

Good Week!

Me and mommy had the best week! Ms Laura was on a cruise this week which meant that mommy had to stay home to take care of her little boo boo.

I had to go in for a checkup and as usual had a blast (except for the pokey part).
I haven't put on any lbs but Dr Little says it's okay. She said my weight is in proportion with my height. She said I'm just going to be petite.

I love Dr Little! She always lets me play with her stethoscope.

I sat very still while the nurse got blood from my toe to check for anemia.

Then we headed to Boerne to spend some time with auntie Sara. We ate at 2 of mommy's favorite places and of course mommy got a jar of her favorite pickles. Mommy forgot to charge her camera battery after our trip to az and after just one pic with auntie Sara the battery died.

Today we went to San Antonio to see Grandpa Larry but unfortunately were unable to get any pics. We had a really good time and I had a lot of fun with Grandpa!
Such a fun week we had!!!

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  1. Dr. Little is good huh. How much does he weigh? Karli goes in next month unless we go sooner! She has a tooth pokin through now too.. :) I'll have to remember to take pics at her checkup. I never think of those things