Friday, July 31, 2009


Mommy had to work a bunch this week because a little someone has a birthday coming up! I got hit in the face at daycare but it was just an accident and I'm okay.

Since mommy worked so much this week she took me out today to a toy store and look what I got... a balloon!

Uh Oh, where did it go?
Uh Oh is my new favorite thing to say. Every time a toy falls I say Uh Oh!!
I also did my first sign today which made mommy really proud. I did the sign for 'all done' because I didn't want any more bananas.

My Great-Grandma made me this special cape with an 'O' on it for my birthday party coming up! She sure is sweet!!


  1. now every time he enters a store, he's gonna want...

    be good ollie!! :P