Sunday, January 8, 2012

quotes from ollie

1.  this morning as we were driving home from the grocery store oliver says to me:
"when i am bigger, and can drive like you, i will go to the store to buy all my friends stickers!"
how sweet is that??

2.  you know when the light bulb is going out on a store sign and it is sorta flashing??  well, as we drove past a sign like that ollie says:
"that store is winking at me!"  (except when ollie says wink, it sounds like wank, so it was even funnier!)


  1. Oliver definitely says the cutest, kindest things. Grandma D

  2. What a sweetie pie! I still love those photos of him that you've used in your header!!

  3. He is hilarious. You should let me him pick out stickers to give to his friends for Valentine's Day.

  4. you have the most adorable little man EVER!!!!