Sunday, January 1, 2012

sissy's & new year's

^the morning after christmas oliver had to go back to the emergency room to have the 3 staples removed.  the nurse who took the staples out turned out to be one of my favorite patients and she was so sweet to ollie.  she got him a sucker and some buzz bookmarks with markers to color.  he did have to be swaddled to get the staples out.  i tried holding his head still but then he would put his arms up.  and if i held his arms he would move his head.  so, he got rolled up like a burrito in a white sheet.  i thought he would cry but he didn't seem to mind it and she was then able to get them out quickly.  let's hope we don't have to go back to the ER anytime soon!

singing and playing with sissy's the day after christmas.  love those girls!

happy new year!!  we went downtown to see the fireworks but ollie was starting to cry and had his hands over his ears.  he is very sensitive to loud noise.  so we hurried back to the car and watched the rest of the fireworks from our car with the doors closed so it wasn't quite so loud.  oliver enjoyed tooting his horn most of the night!  wishing everyone a wonderful 2012!!
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  1. Oliver, you are so cute! Grandma D loves you tons!

  2. I just love the name Ollie!
    My little guy is really sensitive to loud noise too so we usually watch fireworks from the car/house as well!
    Just found your blog and I excited to start following along!

  3. whoever made that burrito did a good job, but my mommy is the swaddle master.

  4. thanks for stopping by cassie! off to check out your blog...

  5. Awwww, your little burrito guy looks so cute even if it was for something not so fun. I remember having to do it with a few of my kids for stitches and what-not. I hope he is all mened now.

  6. thank you ingrid! he is good as new!