Friday, April 27, 2012


I was able to attend a lunch at Oliver's new preschool recently.  See the cute little girl sitting directly across from him with the EXACT same color hair?  Her name is Madison and Oliver is smitten!  I have heard him tell her twice that she is his girlfriend.  She hasn't responded yet.  But, he's persistent.

As I was leaving his school to head back to work the teachers were laying their nap mats out.  Olivers has a vintage crib sheet, his favorite Cars blanket, a handmade pillow that was given to him by his aunt and of course his baby doll. 

These pictures were taken on pajama day at school...
why doesn't he smile like this when i want to take vintage pics??

this picture melts my heart...

he even asked to do a serious face...
so funny!

well, mickey is pretty much OUT and buzz & woody are IN as you can see from his jammies.  so, this weekend we are going to Toy Story on Ice!  can't wait!
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  1. You and Madison are quite the pair. I'm glad you like your new PJs. I love you Ollie, Grandma D.

  2. Looks like Oliver is quite the ladie's man, isn't he? Tell him that it will always win a girl's heart if he tells her that her shoes are cute! Ha ha- that's funny he said that! He's such a cutie!

  3. I love his personality in all these photos! Bobby has been big on Toy Story lately too. Toy Story on ice sounds fun!