Saturday, March 17, 2012

last day

We have big changes in store beginning next week!  Oliver will be starting preschool!  I am so excited because as much as I want him to stay my little baby, the bottom line is, he's not a baby anymore.  The in-home daycare he has been at for the past 3 years has been wonderful.  I couldn't have found a more loving woman to be with Oliver the 2 days a week that I work.  I am so grateful for all that she has done.  I admire her and her own family.  She is soft spoken, gentle, caring, loving... and she has 3 very well behaved boys of her own.  One of her boys I am particularly fond of and had a huge melt down when I had to say goodbye on Thursday.  I know we will stay in touch but I am going to miss my Bren Bren hugs!  Anyway, because Oliver is going to be starting preschool full time he had his last day of gymnastics last week.  I usually don't go in the room with him because he does much better by himself.  But, since it was his last class I wanted to get some photos.  Such a big boy!  

And, these are photos of his last day at Ms Laura's in home daycare.  Her boys were home on spring break so he got some time with the big boys on his last day.  

 Even with his eyes closed, this is just the sweetest picture...

Gonna miss you Bren Bren!!
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  1. Ollie - You are the cutest little boy. I hope you like preschool after spending all these years with Ms. Laura and Ms. Anna. I love you, Grandma D

  2. awww such a big boy. we miss you, MWAH