Saturday, March 17, 2012

new beginnings


After Oliver finished his last gymnastics class we went over to his new school to hang out and get him comfortable before he starts on Monday.  This is going to be a huge adjustment for him!  For starters, up until very recently I have only worked 2 days a week which means he only went to daycare 2 days a week.  He will be at his new school 5 days a week.  And, this school is VERY structured.  I am NOT structured!  Oliver has never had structure.  We 'wing it' everyday.  We eat when we're hungry, nap when we're tired and do whatever comes up each day.  So, I'm a little nervous about how he is going to adjust to such a set routine.  But, with kindergarten fast approaching, I figured we had better get on the ball.  I'd rather him get adjusted now than be in a huge shock when he starts kinder.  He is so easy going that I'm sure he'll be fine.  While we were up there visiting he made 2 new friends, Marcus and Kaitlyn.  His new teacher, Ms Michelle said she would even seat them at the same table.  So, that made me feel good!

Isn't Ms Michelle adorable!?!  They were having western day on the day we visited!

So, what am I going to be doing while Oliver is off at school??  Well, I have picked up one extra day at work, so I will be working 3 days a week at my dental office.  And the other 2 days I plan to devote to Etsy!  This makes me so happy because I really have not had the time necessary to devote to my shop.  Not only will I have much more time for OliversForest, but, I want to open another shop for vintage paper (cards, invitations, giftwrap...).  I have lots of stuff already stocked up, just never had the time to move forward.  So, we'll see what happens... I'm excited!
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  1. How exciting! He will do great!

  2. Yeah Oliver. you come. Ms. Michelle looks very nice. Love, Grandma D

  3. I am not structured either but Ingrid actually really liked it when she went to her preschool. I'm excited to see your new shop!! Good luck! It's challenging and fun having two shops going :)

  4. i wish etsy would hurry up and make it easier to have multiple shops! it is going to be a pain switching back and forth!